15 Things to do at home

Around the world, countries are on lockdown and I am finding isolation harder and harder every week. I crave human interaction, a hug from my mum, and seriously miss popping to a pub after work for a few drinks with friends! Here are 15 things I am doing at home to keep busy during isolation.

Here in the UK, there are rules and restrictions around leaving the house. We are only allowed to go outside for essential shopping, a form of exercise once per day, medical needs or travelling for work purposes (if you’re unable to work from home). So that leaves us housebound for the majority of the week.

Although the circumstances are awful, it presents us with a unique opportunity to slow down. Do things we don’t usually have time to do and reevaluate our priorities. These are definitely not easy times. nevertheless, there are plenty of ways to keep motivated, optimistic and busy.

*Disclaimer; I am in no way intending to be insensitive towards the tragedy of this pandemic, just hoping to inspire those who are healthy and at home. Please keep yourself and others safe, follow the guidelines and abide by the restrictions that are in place wherever you are in the world.

Read: Generally, ‘I don’t have the time to read’… it’s a poor excuse I use. I love reading and nothing beats getting into a good book. Right now, I have nothing more than spare time on my hands, so I have put aside an hour or so most days to sit in the garden or cuddle up on the sofa with a cuppa and just enjoy my book.

Spring Clean: I love this time of year, the weather is getting warmer, days are getting longer and for some unknown reason, I become a crazy woman with a duster and floral-scented cleaner! I have gone through the house, cleaned and organised almost everything. There is no better time to do all those horrible jobs you have been putting off for months and for me sometimes years!

Bake: Get on that baking train! I don’t think there are much that relaxes me more than cooking or baking while watching a classic movie that I have seen 100 times (it does tend to be a Disney movie ngl). It seems the whole world is baking banana bread and I totally get it, it’s super easy and tastes lush.

Sort through photos: Go through all your photos, delete some, print some, post some. I am slowly going through my memory cards, I have been putting off jobs like this for months, but I am really enjoying looking through all the things I have done in the last six months. I plan to print lots of pictures off and start scrapbooking! What a perfect way to spend an afternoon. While it gives me the holidays blues sometimes, my gosh it gets me SUPER excited to start planning my next adventure!!

Make goals for after isolation: Although the end of lockdown doesn’t seem to be in reach, it will stop one day. What are you most looking forward to once it ends? Make a list or set of goals of all the things you want to do and get excited about it! I am fully prepared to become a yes woman when it ends.

Learn something new: This is a great time to learn something, language, instrument, photoshop, a new recipe anything! There are so many resources online to keep educating yourself!

Create a new playlist: Update your Spotify, find some new songs you love, and discover some new artists! I have put together a playlist of songs I loved growing up, upbeat, fun songs that just make me want to dance!

Pamper yourself: Nothing boosts your spirits than feeling good! Do a face mask, hair mask, have a bubble bath, paint your nails, shave and lather yourself in body lotion! I absolutely love spending time pampering myself.

Go for a walk: 100% the best part of the day for me is when I go out for a walk! The fresh air and sunshine gives me so much happiness and a sense of clarity. Just get outside of your four walls. I’m fortunate to live in the countryside and don’t see many people, so make sure you keep that 2m distance when you leave the house.

Declutter your phone: Clear out all the unused apps, delete old photos and go through those emails! I also love picking out a pretty or motivational wallpaper just to revamp your phone.

DIY night out: Get dressed up, do your hair and makeup. Then treat your other half or household to a ‘night out’ at home. Have dinner in the garden or set up the dining table fancy, just make being at home fun. I absolutely love this idea!

Play games: Bring out the competitiveness in everyone with a good old board game! Play cards, monopoly, cards against humanity, whatever your favourites are, get everyone together and play!

Do something you love: Make sure you set aside time to just do the things you enjoy doing. If that binge-watching a series, painting, exercising, cooking, keep your morale up by doing things you truly want to be doing!

Call friends and family: It is so important to keep in touch with friends and family. Everyone is in this together and some may be struggling more than others. Give your family a call, send your friends a text and don’t isolate yourself from others. There are multiple platforms to do group chats, put aside an evening to get everyone together and have a good chat or virtually play a game.

Do nothing: This situation is something the majority of us have never experienced and it is such a hard, overwhelming time. There is a never-ending cycle of bad news and sometimes it feels like too much to handle. It is absolutely OK to do nothing with your day. It is not a contest of who can be the most productive with their time in isolation, handle this time however you feel fit. Sometimes just getting dressed or brushing your teeth is a win and that is fine. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make the most of this time!

 A thought goes out to every single person who has been affected by this virus. I appreciate more than ever, all those keyworkers working within the frontlines. This country wouldn’t survive without the sacrifices, hard work and dedication you are giving. Thank you SO so so much!

Thanks for reading! 

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